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About The Red Basket


January 2011 The Red Basket concept was birthed out of the desired of a young man who wanted turn a bicycle hustle into an empire. In 2008 while at the beginning of his final year at the Government Technical institute Gordon was financially challenged. He confided in a friend and the friend suggested to him he can sell mints and make so money even if it’s just to cover his transportation to classes. Gordon had a desire for business. Having, sold green mangoes from his mango tree once at age 13 to raise funds to attend a Church outing. However Gordon also had a love for electrical work hence his reason for attending the institute. But Gordon decided to take a chance with his last 400 GYD and bought one pack of cough drops. Gordon managed to take one pack of cough drops and transformed it into a confectionery business which supported him at classes and also take care of a few things at home. When Gordon graduated in 2010 he was well established as the mint man of the Government Technical Institute to the point he earned the nick name “mint man”. After graduating employment was difficult gain so Gordon returned to his business. This time the confectionery business was mobile and didn’t thrive as it did when Gordon was studying at the institute. So Gordon had to make some Changes.This motivated Gordon and one morning he look at his red basket that he sold in and declared “this is not a hustle this is a business which will grow”. On that same morning he named his business and “The Red Basket” was birthed. One day Gordon bought one of his favorite treat caramel fudge and he got an idea. He approach his mom to teach him how to make fudge since she was good at making it. When he introduced his new product customers responded well and this prompted him to start selling his fudges to supermarkets and stores. Today as The Red Basket Continue to grow Gordon has a team now of young professionals that love crafting delightful traditional home style Guyanese snacks. Mainly producing fudges The Red Basket development has proven to be continuous as their support base continues to grow.

Red Basket


Red Basket Fudge

Red Basket Fudge Made with a special blend of cocoa extract Making it a tastier, healthier & nutritious choice That has the right amount of […]

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