Lumiparty LED Toilet Light Sensor Motion Activated Glow Toilet Bowl Light Up Sensing Toilet Seat Night Light Inside BathroomLamp

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Sensor Motion Activated LED Toilet Night Light Battery-powered 8 Changing Colors Magic Toliet LED Sensor Lamp aeProduct.getSubject() Convenient use and confortable atmosphere -The toilet night light can save the trouble of turning on the light in darkness, which can help prevent stumbling or hurt in midnight, which is more important and helpful for kids and senior citizens.Besides, its various colors can bring good atmosphere Motion Active in darkness -This toilet light is motion activated, it will light on whenever it senses any motion in darkness and the toilet bowl light will automatically turn off once it senses no motion for about 2 minutes. The motion sensor of the toilet bowl light will be effective within the distance of the 1 meter( about 39.37 inches) 8 color and 2 models -8 colors of the toilet bowl light are available. When it turns on after sensing any motions, the colors will then rotate gradually in order(red, orange, sapphire, green, blue, purple, pink and white). Besides, there is a button on the surface of the gadget that lets you choose between rotating colors and choosing one color you prefer. When you press it when light is on, the color will stay unchanged. Portable and easy use -The toilet night light comes with the box-shaped portion for storing the batteries and the bendable arm for attaching it to the toilet bowl. At the end of the arm of the bowl light is the LED light source, whose colorful light can shine inside the bowl. The toilet lights will work with 3 pcs of AAA batteries( not included) aeProduct.getSubject() Size: 558*300*558(mm) Length of flexible arm: 105(mm) Power Source: 3*AAA batteries(not includ) Colors: 8(red, orange, yellow, blue, green, light blue, rose, purple, white) Switch Type: Light sensitive Light Source Type: LED light Materials: plastic Weight: 72g aeProduct.getSubject() 1 x Nightlight (Battery Not Included) 1 x User Instruction 
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