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Hardcase luggage

*set includes sizes 20 inches for international carry-on size 24 inches 28 inches *Made of ABS which gives enhanced durability and strenght. *Hard protective shell,scratch […]

Magnetic Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

Magnetic Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Stereo Sports Waterproof Earbuds Wireless in-ear Headset with Mic For IPhone 7 Samsung $2,500 – For this Magnificent device which will […]

Boy’s Spiderman School Bag

Free next day delivery if ordered by 5pm. Item located in New Amsterdam Boys school bag, it fits about 6 regular size books and accessories […]


Smart Watch With Camera,  Bluetooth Smartwatch SIM Card Tracker Watch For Android               PRICE : $5,500 FREE DELIVERY: Berbice, […]

Hp laptop

1. TB hard drive Dvd+Rw optical drive Windows 10 4096MB SODIMM ddr4 sdram. 15.6″ diagonal HD led display. Wlan and bluetooth

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Quantum Teleportation Is Real, Here’s How It Works

Quantum teleportation, to space has finally been done ‘successfully.Which is super exciting, but it’s quantum -- which means we didn’t teleport a thing per se, but some data. Basically, Chinese scientists beamed photons from the ground to a satellite orbiting above the Earth; then they messed with them using quantum entanglement Entanglement, we’ve talked about before, Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance.” And it happens when you have two particles — usually photons – that are created together. They’re like twins, and their twinning can stretch across space and time –  when the scientists observed the spin of the Earth-photons they could also know the spin of the photons in space too! They spin in the exact same way! Even though there’s no physical connection between the two, they’re just… mimicking each other. How? No one knows. It’s, Spooky. Action. They’re like telepathic twins in different cities. Like me and Mark Ruffalo. In this case, the Chinese satellite …
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My name is Larry Morgan and i would like to introduce you to the Matrix Shopping APP. The APP has a lot of Features such as shopping from local + overseas stores and getting FREE delivery to your door.*

The APP also has features such as WIFI taxis where you can track the speed and location of our drivers, Uploading videos and getting paid for watch time, or Uploading items for sale and getting 5,000 Guyana dollars worth of Facebook Advertisement to promote your items for sale. When the item sells our delivery team will pick up the item, PAY you in CASH and deliver the item to the Buyer. The APP is going to revolutionize Guyana.


Let me tell you about my story and how it all started.

In 2013 I had a idea about a website and i started to learn how to build websites by watching videos and searching the internet for all the information i can find. Then eventually i learned about apps. With the …

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Chef Marcus Samuelsson Feasts on Some of Queens’ Best Guyanese Food — No Passport Required

My name is Viburt Cooky Bernard, here at Sybil's Bakery and Restaurant. It's like the beginning of the business district on Liberty Avenue. So my mom's name is Sybil Bernard. She started this business back in 1978. It was kind of a drug infested area, and really run-down, and now it's totally transformed into a beautiful community, and I feel proud that we were part of bringing it to where it is today. My mom is of Indian descent, but she grew up in a mixed-race home, and she also has siblings that are of Chinese descent. So she's learned all ethnic dishes, and that what we bring here. - When you were coming up, did your family used to come out to Sybil's, and this is one of the staple places, right? - Yeah, you'd come over here to get bread on the weekends. - That's a native Amerindian dish. We have the regular beef parts in there, the oxtails in there. Then we add other things, the spices, and we add also hot peppers to it. The Amerindians use this extract of Yucca. We cal…
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